Training Programme

Each centre organizes one or more research seminars and several advanced courses in subjects related to the themes of the network. A partial list of these seminars is given below. For courses contact the local co-ordinator, or the web site of the centre if available.
University of Aarhus:
Algebra Seminar, usually on Tuesday afternoon.
Universiy of Bielefeld:
see the weekly programme, in particular: Seminar Darstellungstheorie, usually Friday afternoon,
Bielefeld-Chemnitz Seminar: 5 times a year, one or two days.

First week of March: a compact course on tilting modules by S. Koenig (specialy for graduate students) intended as a preparation to the workshop on Tilting Modules to be taking place in the begining of April 1998 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Freiburg University:
Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Darstellungstheorie , Fridays 11:00-13:00.
University of Paris VI:
Seminar on Enveloping Algebras, Fridays 14:00-15:30.
University of Strasbourg:
Seminars: Theorie des representations et applications, usually Tuesdays at 17:00, Groupes quantiques, usually Thursdays at 11:00.
Weizmann Institute:
Seminar on Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry, Wednesdays 11:15-12:45.

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