Programme and Workshops

1998: Workshop in Aarhus on Tilting modules (30.03.98-05.04.98)
Workshop in Antwerp on Non-commutative algebra (June 98)
Workshop in Reims on Differential operators and quantum algebras (November 98)
1999: Workshop in Weizmann on Enveloping algebras
Workshop in Strasbourg on Quantum groups and knot theory
2000: Mid-term workshop in Paris on Orbits, crystals and representation theory (22.05.00-25.05.00)
Schur Memoriam Workshop in Weizmann (27.12.00-31.12.00)
2001: Workshop in Tel-Aviv on Geometric representation theory
Workshop in Antwerpen on Noncommutative Algebra, Representation Theory and Lie Algebras (12.09.01 - 14.09.01)
2002: Workshop in Bielefeld on Path algebras, Combinatorial Methods and Symmetries (20.02.02)
Workshop in Weizmann
Details will be posted as they become available.
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29.Januar 2002