Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Mathematisches Institut
Abteilung für Reine Mathematik
Arbeitsgruppe Analysis

AG im Wintersemester 2015/16

Organizers:   Prof. Dr. Ernst Kuwert
  Dr. Julian Scheuer

Time:  Dienstag 16-18 Uhr
Place:  R 125/126, Eckerstr. 1

We plan to discuss a series of papers, which are concerned with quesions about the rigidity of (hyper)surfaces under different pinching conditions on geometric quantities of the hypersurface. In between there might also be guest talks on other topics. Anybody interested is welcome to join! Further details concerning the talks can be found here.

Date Talk and authors of presented paper Speaker
20.10.15 Organization
27.10.15 Rigidity estimates for nearly umbilical surfaces (1) (De Lellis, Müller) Marco Mattuschka
03.11.15 Rigidity estimates for nearly umbilical surfaces (2) (De Lellis, Müller) Guofang Wang
10.11.15 Mass in Kähler geometry (Hein, LeBrun) Zhiqiang Sun
17.11.15 Quantitative rigidity results for conformal immersions (Lamm, Nguyen) Ernst Kuwert
24.11.15 A phase field model for Willmore's energy with topological constraint Patrick Dondl
01.12.15 Geometric inequalities in almost positive Ricci curvature (Aubry) Christian Ketterer
08.12.15 Eigenvalue pinching for second order operators on closed hypersurfaces (Roth, Scheuer)Julian Scheuer
12.01.16 On (spinorial) Yamabe equations on noncompact manifoldsNadine Grosse
19.01.16Harnack inequalities for geometric flowsJulian Scheuer
26.01.16Limits of alpha-harmonic maps Tobias Lamm
02.02.16Hessian metrics and local Lagrangian immersionsGuofang Wang