Informationen zum Steilkurs Schemata/Fast track course schemes
Sommersemester 2017

Dozentin: Prof. Dr. Annette Huber-Klawitter
√úbungen: Thomas Spittler
The class will be held in English. Some information on the planned content can be found in the kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis kommentierten Vorlesungsverzeichnis.



Monday 14-16, SR 125, Eckerstr. 1

Excercise and discussion classes

Thursday 10-12, SR403, Friday 12-14

Material covered and excercises

  • 3.7.17 Differential forms Ha II 8, Matsumura: Commutative algebra

  • 10.7.17 Regularity and smoothness Ha I 5, II 8 and III 10

    Ha I 5.10, II 8.6, III 10.1

  • 17.7.17 Line bundles, Chech-cohomology and Cartier-divisors Ha II 6, III 4

    1. Check that the morphis in H^1 does not depend on the choice of a refinement morphism
    2. Check the exact of the beginning of the long exact cohomology sequence (H^0 and H^1) for a short exaxt sequence of sheaves
    3. Make Cartier-divisors and line bundles explicit on the spectrum of a Dedekind domain
    4. Ha II 6.10



    1. R. Hartshorne. Algebraic Geometry. GTM52, Springer.


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