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Papers and Publications

  1. Arboreal forcing notions and regularity properties of the real line, PhD thesis, Universitaet Wien, April 2012. (supervised by: Prof. Dr. Sy David Friedman)

  2. On the separation of regularity properties of the reals, Archive for Mathematical Logic, Volume 53, Issue 7-8, pp 731-747, 2014.

  3. Some considerations on Amoeba forcing notions, Archive for Mathematical Logic, Volume 53, Issue 5-6, pp 487-502, 2014.

  4. Generalized Silver and Miller measurability, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, Volume 61, Issue 1-2, pp 91-102, 2015.

  5. Questions on generalized Baire spaces, (joint with Yurii Khomskii, Benedikt Loewe and Ilya Sharankou), Mathematical Logic Quarterly, Volume 62, Issue 4-5, 2016.

  6. Full-splitting Miller trees and infinitely often equal reals, (joint with Yurii Khomskii), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 168, no. 8, 1491-1506, 2017.

  7. A null ideal for inaccessibles, (joint with Sy David Friedman), Archive for Mathematical Logic, Volume 56, Issue 5-6, pp 691-697, 2017.

  8. Uncountable trees and Cohen kappa-reals, Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 84, Issue 3, pp. 877-894, 2019.

  9. More on trees and Cohen reals, (joint with Brendan Stuber-Rousselle), Mathematical Logic Quarterly, Volume 66, Issue 2, pp. 173-181, 2020.

  10. On the representation and construction of social welfare orders, (joint with Ram S. Dubey and Francesco Ruscitti), Mathematical Social Sciences, Volume 107, pp. 17-22, 2020.

  11. Social welfare relations and irregular sets, submitted (preprint).

  12. Paretian social welfare relations and Baire property, (joint with Ram Sewak Dubey), submitted (preprint).

  13. On splitting trees, (joint with Heike Mildenberger and Brendan Stuber-Rousselle), submitted (preprint).

  14. On social welfare orders satisfying anonymity and asymptotic density-one Pareto, (joint with Ram S. Dubey and Francesco Ruscitti), submitted (preprint).

  15. Laver trees in the generalised Baire space, (joint with Yurii Khomskii, Marlene Koelbing and Wolfgang Wohofsky), submitted (preprint).

    In preparation

  16. Generalised equity principles (joint with Ram S. Dubey), in preparation.

  17. Dense trees (joint with Heike Mildenberger and Brendan Stuber-Rousselle), in preparation.

Working paper

The non-democratic side of regular sets, (preprint).