Analysis of Differential Operators on Manifolds

24-26 September 2018, Universität Freiburg


The aim of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians working at the interface between Geometric Analysis, PDEs and Mathematical Physics through the talks by some of the most known and active international researchers. This event represents an important occasion to review recent achievements and to start fruitful discussions on the open issues and on the directions of future research.

Invited speakers  

Clara Aldana   (Université du Luxembourg)
Bernd Ammann   (Universität Regensburg)
Christian Bär   (Universität Potsdam)

Christian Gérard   (Université Paris-Sud 11)

Werner Müller   (Universität Bonn)
Victor Nistor   (University of Lorraine)  

Alexander Strohmaier   (University of Leeds)  

Anton Thalmaier   (Université du Luxembourg)  

Here you can find the poster of the workshop.

Organizing committee  

Ksenia Fedosova ,  Nadine Große ,   Simone Murro

Funded by  

Juniorprofessuren-Programm Baden Wütternberg