Kommutative Algebra und Einführung in die Algebraische Geometrie


The lecture takes place on Wednesdays 8-10 and Fridays 8-10 in HS II Alberstr. 23b.
Lecturer: Dr. Yohan Brunebarbe
Office hours:Thursdays 10-11 in room 419 (during term time)
Assistant: Dr. Hannah Bergner
Office hours: Tuesdays 14-17 in room 422 (during term time)


Gruppe 1: Mo 10-12 in SR 119

Gruppe 2: Mi 16-18 in SR 218

Course Material

You can find the course material (lecture notes, exercises, etc.) here.


The exam takes place on Monday, 30th July, 9-12, in HS Weismannhaus.