Infinite Games and Regular Sets
Sommersemester 2016

Mathematisches Institut Abteilung f├╝r Math. Logik

Die ist die Homepage des Seminars "Infinite games and regular sets" im Sommersemester 2016.

Dozent: Giorgio Laguzzi

Ort und Zeit

Mi, 14 - 16, SR 318, Eckerstr. 1.


Do, 11.2.2016, 14 Uhr, Raum 311, Eckerstrasse 1


bei Frau Samek, Raum 312, bis zum 5.2.2016


Game Theory deals with games of ``finite dimension''. In Descriptive Set Theory one extends such a study to infinite games, i.e., games where the competition between two players runs infinitely many steps. The study of this kind of games is very useful in topology and measure theory, since the existence of winning strategies is strictly connected with the existence of regular sets. Moreover, many other tools from set theory can be used for a deep understanding of the subsets of the real line and more generally of Polish spaces. This seminar is intended to go into the study of this kind of questions, and it is meant to show a bridge from topology and measure theory on the one side, and set theory on the other side.


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