Jeunes Mathé en Géométrie et Analyse 2
15-16 Juni 2023 Freiburg (Germany)


This is the second edition of the meeting. The first one took place in Mulhouse, see here.

Seven doctoral students or new doctors in geometry, analysis or their interaction give a presentation of their reasearch topics to a broad mathematical audience. Moreover, the meeting has a strong French-German coloration and is supported by the French-German University.


  • Camilla Brizzi (München); On the Entropic Optimal Transport in L
  • Yann Chaubet (Paris); The narrow capture problem for geodesic Levy flights
  • Annina Iseli (Fribourg CH); Thurston obstructions and the geometry of snowspheres
  • Camille Labourie (Erlangen); Epsilon-regularity theorems for Griffith minimizers
  • Florian Litzinger (Magdeburg); Singularities of low entropy high codimension curve shortening flow
  • Christian Scharrer (Bonn) ; Short closed geodesics and the Willmore energy
  • Timo Schultz (Bielefeld) ; On absolute continuity and bounded variation of curves of probability measures


There are no conference fees. Those interested in attending are asked to send an email to the organizers before June 1 (the address is below). Information on accommodations and meals will then be provided. There are a few, limited funding opportunities for young scientists, especially regarding overnight stay(s). The Art Basel is taking place at the same time. Hence, it is advisable to arrange accommodation as early as possible.


Nadine Große (Freiburg i-B), Nicolas Juillet (Mulhouse), Christian Ketterer (Freiburg i-B). Courriel/Email : christian.ketterer 'at'