Summer School on Modern Knot Theory

Aspects in Algebra, Analysis, Biology, and Physics

Lectures and Mini-Courses

Javier Arsuaga (UC Davis)

Louis H. Kauffman (U Illinois at Chicago)

Keith Moffatt (Cambridge)

Renzo Ricca (U Milano-Bicocca)

Radmila Sazdanović (North Carolina S)

Paweł Strzelecki (U Warsaw)

Mariel Vazquez (UC Davis)

Heiko von der Mosel (RWTH Aachen)

This summer school intends to bridge theory (Analysis, Algebra) and applications (Microbiology, Fluid Dynamics) of knot theory, addressing both PhD students and postdocs (interested in) working in related fields.

The school consists of four keynote lectures by Javier Arsuaga/Mariel Vazquez, Keith Moffatt/Renzo Ricca, Radmila Sazdanović, and Heiko von der Mosel/Paweł Strzelecki. Keynote-lectures are accompanied by tutorials.

Moreover, Louis Kauffman (U Illinois at Chicago) will give a mini-course accessible for a broader scientific audience, and a public lecture.

Funded by


Simon Blatt - Philipp Reiter - Armin Schikorra