Veröffentlichungen — Katrin Wendland

Work accepted for publication

Florian Beck, Ron Donagi, Katrin Wendland
Folding of Hitchin systems and crepant resolutions
Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
The Conway Moonshine Module is a Reflected K3 Theory

Refereed publications

Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
SU(2) channels the cancellation of K3 BPS states
Katrin Wendland
Hodge-elliptic genera and how they govern K3 theories
Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
Not Doomed to Fail
Katrin Wendland
K3 en route From Geometry to Conformal Field Theory
  • Proceedings of the 2013 Summer School “Geometric, Algebraic and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory” in Villa de Leyva, Colombia, World Scientific (2017), pp 75-110
  • arXiv:1503.08426 [math.DG]
Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
A twist in the M24 moonshine story
Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
Symmetry-surfing the moduli space of Kummer K3s
  • Proceedings of the Conference String-Math 2012
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics 90 (2015), 129-153
  • arXiv:1303.2931 [hep-th]
Katrin Wendland
  • Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Field Theories, D. Calaque and Th. Strobl, eds.
  • Mathematical Physics Studies, Springer 2015, pp. 89-129
  • arXiv:1404.3108 [hep-th]
Matthias Gaberdiel, Anne Taormina, Roberto Volpato, Katrin Wendland
A K3 sigma model with Z28 : M20 symmetry
Anne Taormina, Katrin Wendland
The overarching finite symmetry group of Kummer surfaces in the Mathieu group M24
Katrin Wendland
On the geometry of singularities in quantum field theory
  • Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians Hyderabad, August 19-27, 2010
  • Hindustan Book Agency (2010), 2144-2170
Anda Degeratu, Katrin Wendland
Friendly giant meets pointlike instantons? On a new conjecture by John McKay
  • Moonshine - The First Quarter Century and Beyond, A Workshop on the Moonshine Conjectures and Vertex Algebras
  • LMS Lecture Notes Series no. 372 (2010), 55-127
  • Augsburg preprint number 037/2007
Ron Donagi, Katrin Wendland
On orbifolds and free fermion models
Katrin Wendland
A Family of SCFTs hosting all very attractive relatives of the (2)4 Gepner model
Katrin Wendland
Superconformal orbifolds involving the fermion number operator
Daniel Roggenkamp, Katrin Wendland
Limits and Degenerations of Unitary Conformal Field Theories
Katrin Wendland
Orbifold Constructions of K3:
A Link between Conformal Field Theory and Geometry
  • Orbifolds in Mathematics and Physics, Contemp. Math. 310 (2002) pp. 333-358
  • hep-th/0112006
Werner Nahm, Katrin Wendland
Mirror Symmetry on Kummer Type K3 Surfaces
Katrin Wendland
Consistency of Orbifold Conformal Field Theories on K3
Sayipjamal Dulat, Katrin Wendland
Crystallographic Orbifolds: Towards a Classification of Unitary Conformal Field Theories with Central Charge c=2
Werner Nahm, Katrin Wendland
A Hiker's Guide to K3. Aspects of N=(4,4) Superconformal Field Theory with Central Charge c=6
Werner Müller, Katrin Wendland
Extremal Kaehler metrics and Ray-Singer analytic torsion
  • Geometric Aspects of Partial Differential Equations, Contemp. Math. 242 (1999), pp. 135-160
  • math.DG/9904048
Katrin Wendland, Werner Müller
Critical metrics with respect to Ray-Singer analytic torsion and Quillen metric
  • Analysis, numerics and applications of differential and integral equations
  • Pitman Res. Notes Math. Ser. 379 (1998), pp. 245-250

Invited publications

Katrin Wendland
Mathematical Foundations of Conformal Field Theory and Applications
  • Proceedings of the COPROMAPH International School, Cotonou, Benin, October 26 - November 4, 2012, ICMPA-UNESCO Chair, 180-223
Daniel Roggenkamp, Katrin Wendland
Decoding the geometry of conformal field theories
Katrin Wendland (joint work with Daniel Roggenkamp)
On degenerating sequences of CFTs and their geometric interpretations
  • Oberwolfach Report No. 24/2004 (2004), pp. 1301-1302

Books and reports edited

Boris Dubrovin, Claus Hertling, Ian A.B. Strachan, Katrin Wendland
  • Oberwolfach Reports, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2012, pp. 1361-1404
Katrin Wendland, Annette Werner, eds.
a collection of articles by selected female professors across mathematics for a general audience like school finalists, first year students, and teachers in mathematics
  • Vieweg+Teubner 2011, 469 pages
Gavin Brown, Anda Degeratu, Katrin Wendland
  • Oberwolfach Reports, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2010, pp. 2651-2680
Ron Donagi, Katrin Wendland, eds.
From Hodge Theory to Integrability and TQFT: tt* geometry


Katrin Wendland
ADE oder die Allgegenwart der Platonischen Körper
in "Facettenreiche Mathematik", Vieweg+Teubner 2011, pp. 409-432
Volker Ulm, Katrin Wendland
Warum Mathematik?
Katrin Wendland
Katrin Wendland