Funded projects - Katrin Wendland

2021 Funding to organize the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI) programme New connections in number theory and physics (co-PI with Daniel Bump, Solomon Friedberg, Michael Green, Axel Kleinschmidt and Daniel Persson)
2018 Grant from the VolkswagenStiftung to finance the summer school "Junior Scientists in Global Differential Geometry" at AIMS Center Mbour, Senegal Global Differential Geometry (co-applicants H. Dathe, B. Hanke and A. Wade)
2018 DFG-grant and inclusion in the ICTP Scientific Programme: "Junior Scientists in Global Differential Geometry" to organize a Workshop Global Differential Geometry (co-PI with H. Dathe, B. Hanke and A. Wade) at AIMS Center Mbour, Senegal
2017 Funds to organize the Aspen- Workshop Quantum Gravity & New Moonshines (co-PI with A. Castro, M. Cheng and A. Taormina) at the Aspen Center for Physics, USA
2017 Funds to organize the MITP- Workshop Women at the intersection of mathematics and high energy physics (co-PI with G. Honecker, S. Paycha and K. Rejzner) in Mainz, Germany
2016 Funds to organize the Oberwolfach-Workshop Topological Recursions and TQFTs (co-PI with G. Borot, L. Chekov and B. Eynard)
2014-2015 LMS and EPSRC grants to organize the LMS Durham Symposium New Moonshines, Mock Modular Forms and String theory (co-PI with S. Murthy and A. Taormina)
2012 CRC/Transregio 71 Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Individual Proposal INST 39/720-2, Estimates for Scalar Curvature, Dirac Eigenvalues, and related geometric magnitudes (with S. Goette)
2012 Funding from the Walter und Eva Andrejewski-Stiftung to organize the Andrejewski-Day The mathematics of quantum transport, May 18, 2012, at the University of Freiburg, Germany (with A. Buchleitner)
2012 Hausdorff Institute of Mathematics grant funding a HIM Trimester Program on Integrability in Geometry and Mathematical Physics, January - April 2012, Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany (co-PI with F. Pedit, U. Pinkall, I.A. Taimanov, and A. Veselov)
2012-2021 DFG Research training group GRK 1821 Cohomological methods in geometry at Freiburg, Germany (project leader; director: A. Huber-Klawitter, deputy director: S. Kebekus)
2011 DFG grant WE 4340/2-1
Initiation and intensification of a bilateral cooperation on "Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations" to select and fund 8 German young researchers for their participation and contribution to the "European Young and Mobile Workshop" on Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, November 28-30, 2011, in Granada, Spain
2011 MatheMonatMai - Sponsoring by the German Mathematical Assoication (DMV) to organize the event "Nomos alpha" on mathematics and music (with J. Gutfleisch, Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra, in collaboration with the "Theatergemeinde Augsburg")
2010 London Mathematical Society Scheme 4 Grant Ref. No. 4923, with A. Taormina Durham University, UK
2009 DAAD grant to organize the Workshop on Algebraic and topological aspects of D-branes, December 17-18, 2009, W├╝rzburg, Germany (co-PI with J. Appell and C. Honerkamp)
2009-2014 ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant StG No. 204757-TQFT
The geometry of topological quantum field theories
2007-2008 EPSRC grant EP/E04137x/1
Geometry and topological field theories (Subactivity of WAG 07-08) (PIs A. Corti and M. Reid, PI of subactivity with co-PIs R. Donagi, C. Hertling, N. Hitchin)
2007-2014 NSF RTG grant DMS 0636606
University of Pennsylvania RTG in Mathematical Physics (PIs T. Pantev and R. Donagi, co-PI with V. Balasubramian, M. Cvetic, D.-E. Diaconescu, A. Grassi, B. Ovrut)
2007-2009 DFG grant WE 4340/1-1
Towards the boundary of moduli spaces of superconformal field theories
Mai 2007 DFG grant GZ 4851/142/07
contribution to the International Workshop From tQFT to tt* and integrability
Juni 2006 Awarded NSF grant DMS 0605635 (declined)
2004-2005 LMS and EPSRC grants to organize the LMS Durham Symposium
Geometry, conformal field theory and string theory (co-PI with P. Bowcock and P. Dorey)
2004-2007 NAL/00755/G
Nuffield Award to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics
2004 NSF-AWM mentoring travel grant for women: mentor for A. Degeratu
2003 FEW grant, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
2000-2002 US D.O.E. grant DE-FG05-85ER40219, Task A; PI L. Dolan
2000 Awarded an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Durham, UK (declined)
1999-2000 Scholar of the Graduiertenkolleg Algebraic, analytic and geometric methods and their interaction in modern mathematics, University of Bonn
1997-1998 DFG Project PN 77120
Mass spectrum and coupling constants of superstring theories with continuously varying parameters; PI W. Nahm
1992-1994 Scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes for studies in mathematics