"Infinite Games"
Sommersemester 2019

Mathematisches Institut Abteilung für Math. Logik

Die ist die Homepage der Vorlesung "Infinite Games" im Sommersemester 2019.


Giorgio Laguzzi

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Ort und Zeit

Mi 12 - 14, SR 218
Do 14 - 16, SR 318


The aim of the course is to focus on games with two players and infinite moves. Such types of games have been well-studied along the years in a branch of mathematical logic called descriptive set theory. Along the lecture we are going to focus on the set theroretical aspects of infinite games, studying the interplay with topological and measure-theoretical questions; more specifically we focus on Banach-Mazur game, the perfect set game and some other variants. Moreover, we also present connections with social choice theory and social welfare theory, such as Arrow’s impossibility theorem and the analysis of Pareto pre- orders and/or other principles coming from theoretical economics like Hammond equity and finite anonymity.


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  2. A. Kanamori, The Higher Infinite, Springer , 1994.
  3. T. Jech, Set Theory, Springer, 3rd Milleniuum edition, 2003.

Exercise Sheets

  • Exercise sheet 1.
  • Exercise sheet 2.
  • Exercise sheet 3.
  • Exercise sheet 4.
  • Exercise sheet 5.
  • Exercise sheet 6.