Sebastian Goette

Professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Freiburg
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Abteilung für Reine Mathematik
Universität Freiburg
Ernst-Zermelo-Straße 1
D-79104 Freiburg
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Room: 339
Irina Brunner
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Room: 341
Office Hours: Wed 13:15-14 currently via video conference only - send me an email if you are interested!

Current Issues:
Teaching. In winter 2020/21, I am on sabbatical.
Oberseminar "Differential Geometry" with N. Große, K. Wendland, Mo 16-18, SR 404, Ernst-Zermelo-Str. 1.

Teaching in summer 2021 (virtual):
Course "Functional Analysis", videos will appear on the web page; Questions answered Thu 12-14;
Exercises by J. Schnitzer;
Course "Manifolds" with J. Schnitzer, Tue 10-12, online or HSII, see announcements on the web page;
Exercises by J. Schnitzer;
GK1821 Seminar, Wed 14-16;
Oberseminar "Differential Geometry" with N. Große, K. Wendland, Mo 16-18.

Research Training Group "Cohomological Methods in Geometry"

Simons Collaboration "Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis and Physics", see also this press release.

DFG Priority Programme "Geometry at infinity", project 04 "Secondary invariants of foliations".

In my Ph. D. thesis I investigated and calculated equivariant eta-invariants of homogeneous spaces. My advisor was C. Bär.
I work on analytic and differential-topological properties of eta-invariants, Ray-Singer torsion and related objects. In particular, I study their generalisations to families and group actions, partly in cooperation with J.-M. Bismut. Moreover, I try to calculate these invariants explicitly for as many classes of examples as possible.
At the moment, I compare the analytic torsion forms of Bismut and Lott with the higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion of Igusa and Klein. In this context, I also study "exotic" smooth structures for fibre bundles.
Together with U. Semmelmann, we worked on metrics with extremal scalar curvature.

Publications and Preprints:

Lecture Notes:
Analysis I-III, 2007-09, pdf
Analysis in one complex variable, 2014, pdf
Elementary Differential Geometry, 2009, pdf
Differential Geometry, 2009-10, pdf
Differential Geometry I, 2017-18, pdf
Differential Topology, 2018, pdf
Linear Algebra I-II, 2016-17, pdf
Linear Algebra I-II, 2012-13, pdf
Topology, Algebraic Topology, 2010-11, pdf
Algebraic Topology, 2014-15, pdf
Multiple Integrals, 2013/14, pdf

Workshop and miniconference Smooth Fibre Bundles and Higher Torsion September 1. - 7. 2003 at Göttingen (Programme of the miniconference: dvi, ps; report).
From september 1998 until september 1999 I've been a fellow of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft at the Equipe de Topologie et Dynamique of the Université de Paris-Sud in Orsay.
From February to July 2001 I've been a postdoc fellow of the MSRI at Berkeley in the special program on spectral invariants.

July 18, 2019, Sebastian Goette